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        Raseborgs slottväg

        10710 Snappertuna


The Castle Guard´s Lodge

The Castle Guard´s Lodge by the Castle of Raseborg – Come and enjoy for the whole day.

Tourists have visited the Castle Guard´s Lodge since 1893. Today we serve as a licensed restaurant and cafeteria. We prepare the meals in our own kitchen from local produce. We also arrange wedding-, birthday- and other celebrations in the Castle Guard´s Lodge as well as in the Raseborg Castle.

Add a dramtised guided tour in the Raseborg Castle to your visit with the Castel Lady Katarina or an other historical person. Or take a walk with the artist Helene Schjerfbeck to the village of Snappertuna, where she painted several works of art 1890-91. We also arrange time-travel trips with medieval or turn-of-the-century (19th) programs.

Contact us with your preferences and we will plan a memorable visit for you and your party.


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